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Developer: Applingua Ltd
0.99 USD

LinguaSwitch lets you quickly and easily launch your chosen apps in another language. Simply drag and drop the app and choose from a list of available localizations.

- Drag and drop app
- Available language chooser
- Quick launch without changing your system language

** Developers **
Test your localizations before finalizing your apps. Avoid changing your whole system language which can cause confusion, just drag the app to LinguaSwitch and launch.

** Translators **
Use this tool to check the app text youve just finished translating in context. Drag and Drop language selection means you can quickly compare the original with your native language.

** Bi-lingual Users & Language Learners **
More comfortable using technical apps in your native tongue, but would rather your whole system was in English? Use LinguaSwitch to quickly launch in your preferred language. If youre trying to learn another language, what better way to start using your favourite software in that language?